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About Us


Cuddly Cottontail Rabbit Farm (CCRF) is a family run rabbitry currently located in Lane County Oregon.  We are a small rabbitry of 40 holes.  We proudly house our rabbits in cages that measure 24 x 30 and hang.  Our rabbitry is cleaned every other day and is sanitized daily using Fam30 products.  We take pride in our happy and healthy rabbits!  We currently raise Holland lops and have 1 pair of Netherlands and 2 pairs of Satins.  Our focus is on producing Show Quality Holland lops with awesome personalities!  Our does only have 2-3 litters a year each, thus we do not have a lot of babies available for adoption, but please keep looking because they are there periodically.  We are not focusing on any specific color at this point, our concern is purely personality and type.  My name is Lysinda, but all my friends call me Luci!  Our rabbitry is taken care of by myself my two daughters and periodically Grammy.  We haven't shown in a couple of years (2007-2009) but plan to make a come back when we feel that the time is right!  Susan is 7 years old and Caitlyn is 4, these two girls choose their own stock and interbreed with my stock... you will see that they have some pretty good taste in the rabbits that they choose.  Susan's favorite Holland color is Sable Point, Caitlyn's Favorite Holland color is blue, Mom's favorite Holland color is Opal, and Grammy's favorite Holland color is broken black tort.


Grammy and Mom have had rabbits for 26 years, Mom went through 8 official years in 4-H and 5 years of learning before I was old enough to join.  Rabbits are a forever learning experience, and a great hobby for us!  Thank you for taking the time to read about us and I hope you enjoy our site!