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Cuddly Cottontail Rabbit Farm has changed quite a bit lately!  After quite a struggle to keep going, we are producing again!  We are basically starting from the ground up once more and are very serious about breeding up to where we once were and well beyond!  We are forced to keep our numbers small (no more then 32 total) thus we will be culling harder then we ever have in the past.  Look out for our Holland lops in the near future!

Owners: Lysinda Hissey

Susan Hissey, Caitlyn Hissey, Sonja Wheeler

ARBA Family Members


CCRF Camden @ 3 1/ months old

Please take a look around our site, let us know if something isn't working right and please do not steal our graphics or pictures, I have worked hard on our site and if it wasn't made BY me, it was made FOR me specifically.  Thank you for your understanding!  I will add pictures as I can of our breeding stock and babies as they are available or turn SR at the barn.  Thank you for your time!  Its great to be getting back on track!